Sunday, May 24, 2009

we grew up on the wrong side of the tracks...

vintage romper, aldo ballet flats, pop heart-shaped sunglasses

handmade tulle dress, pop heart-shaped sunglasses

hayley’s wearing: f21 dress & betsey johnson red heart heels

brittany’s wearing: f21 dress & aldo lace-up shoes

h&m polka-dot swimsuit, vintage roller skates

american apparel men’s v-neck t-shirt, insight high-waisted glitter shorts, vintage roller skates

pop heart-shaped sunglasses, french connection kisses t-shirt, f21 dress, h&m black tutu                

(worn underneath dress), & betsey johnson heels 


zumfreed hot pink headphones, minkpink ruffle sleeve cardigan, honeydew red lace rhumbas, lace leggings, 

       betsey johnson heels

both wearing insight bikinis



  1. Aw this is really cute, something kind of like what I've wanted to do with my friends, which is why I named my blog "i like to play dress up" in the first place, hehe. Gret job and I'd like to see more in the future!

  2. thanks lauren! definately give it a try. it was an awesome way to spend 3 hours

  3. wow you two look gorgeous! this is an amazing photoshoot.


  4. ah! such cutie pies! i love the ones of hayley in the lacey tights and panties ^^ tee hee. And the one of you girls... falling down?

    you guys are beauties, i love you both <3

  5. im so jealous of you!! these photos and the scenery are beautiful!